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3 Things To Keep In Mind While Creating GOOD ONLINE REVIEWS
Let's take a look at these essential that will ensure that your online articles, rankings and overviews are of sufficient quality
1. Compare The Features, Relate The Alternatives
Try to look at which features are the standard of the market, which are common in most similar services, and which are good quality and good value indicators. What are the alternatives that you can mention to make a relation point and ground zero for the rest of comparisons, as how can the reader know which features are good if there is no relation to other variances. It's also better to know what decision to make if you have different options presented to you. You need to make a thorough research! The reader should be able to weigh the importance of the problematic features or common issues, as well as major features and the leading offer and decide whether he still wants to engage in this service, after taking into the consideration all of the presented facts. Thus locating all the nuisances is a duty of the reviewers!

2. Transparent, detailed, factual investigation
Remember not to just concentrate on a couple of online customers' reviews or a company's official website because they might not be enough to really show the true side of the covered service. It's important to notice that the majority of online negative feedbacks are written under emotions and greatly exaggerated. Moreover, people are more keen on leaving negative opinions than positive ones, as there is no incentive to praise a company. Another point to keep in mind is that companies won't mention their weak points on their own websites, that's why you need to seek them elsewhere. Find out what is the real first-hand user experience.

3. Check out some good sample articles
It's good to take a look at some other successful or well-written articles, reviews and analysis to pick up some good review routines. For example in this analysis of TransferWise review, which covers details about some foreign online money transfer and exchange company, it is interesting to note that not only all advantages and drawbacks are addressed, backed by input from the customers and done good research that contributes to overall quality of the report, to accuracy and trustworthiness, and to accurate and insightful reviews, but also basic guides like how-to send money, how-to register.
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